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Compare a Pokémon's moves side-by-side with the rest of its evolutionary family - including Egg and version-exclusive moves from all the games.


Don't know how an attack, item, or ability works? Consult Pocket Monstrosity's Indexes for precise definitions explaining their effects in-depth. Contest move details from Hoenn and Sinnoh are also available.

Monster Analysis

Pocket Monstrosity also has a tumblr blog where you can read the author's notes and observations on battle strategies for select Pokémon. Your feedback can build upon the blog!

February 26, 2012

UPDATES: Updated Pages, New Filesharing Site

Bulbasaur's family - Locations added
Charmander's family - Locations added
Squirtle's family - Locations added
Caterpie's family - minor tweaks to Locations pages
Weedle's family - Locations added
Pidgey's family - Locations added
Rattata's family - Locations added

Dang, Rattata and Raticate had to be the most annoying to write down all the Locations pages for. :P

I found a much nicer site to host the files to Pocket Monstrosity's guide pages. You now won't have to wait 20 seconds just to view the PDF to see if you're interested; actually, you can read the document online and then choose to download it! The Pokédex Menu Flash has been updated for this change. The Pokédex Menu page now also details the steps to take to properly download the PDFs.


February 17, 2012

Project Notes: Designing Locations Dex, Indexes Update

Caterpie's evolutionary family - Locations added

Gah, sometimes it gets rather tedious and annoying haiving to type in so many terms into a document. It is worth the time, though :)

Currently, I'm about midway on the Attacks and Contest Moves indexes - I'm up to Leer, now.

The interactive Flash hasn't been updated to tell this, but I've begun creating "Locations" pages detailing where to catch each Pokémon. Currently, Caterpie's family is the only one completed, as its evolutionary family has a ton of locations from which I was able to create the template from. The Locations section will be bundled with the General moves and Breeding Information pages in each PDF file from now on.

So if any of you have been downloading parts of my guide, soon you may want to redownload them to include the Locations section