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Compare a Pokémon's moves side-by-side with the rest of its evolutionary family - including Egg and version-exclusive moves from all the games.


Don't know how an attack, item, or ability works? Consult Pocket Monstrosity's Indexes for precise definitions explaining their effects in-depth. Contest move details from Hoenn and Sinnoh are also available.

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Pocket Monstrosity also has a tumblr blog where you can read the author's notes and observations on battle strategies for select Pokémon. Your feedback can build upon the blog!

June 19, 2012

Magnificent Reuniclus Mr. Bubbles - a tumblr Ask Blog

Work on the Pokédex Project has slowed, as usual. In the meantime, why not take a visit over at for a little humor? If you have a tumblr you can ask Mr. Bubbles anything you want. All drawings and animation loops are done by me.