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July 17, 2012

PROJECT NOTES: Locations pages version 3.0 in the works, another filesharing site in future

After designing a second way to organize the information on where each Pokémon is located, I recently came up with yet another - which of course means yet again more waiting time until an update.

Version 3 of the Locations pages are sorted by game version, then method to discover, the location by that method in alphabetical order, time, and rarity. Version 2 put rarity at second highest priority instead, and I don't feel it meshes as well. I am much more confident Locations Version 3 will be much more easy and faster to skim through for the reader.

I am currently alternating between making a new evolutionary family and updating the old documents, so when updates do arrive there will be completely new material on top of fixing the other stuff.

In other news, I'm thinking of switching filesharing sites again, this time to Google Docs. It'll be a much faster process to preview the PDF, and the print and download buttons are much easier to see compared to the site I've been currently using. Plus, you won't have to deal with an avalanche of advertisements and multiple screens just to reach the download. The change will take effect in the next update.

That's all I have for now. I'm happy to see this blog is getting a few views a little more frequently now. I also hope whoever is actually interested in this project is waiting patiently - it's a lot of work for one person to do.